Bully Boy bollard

Case study .

The Bully Boy High Security Bollard needed to prove that it could stop a 6,800 kg truck travelling at 80 km/h.

Bully Boy Ltd initially invited us to validate the impact performance of their High Security Bollard to the requirements of ASTM F2656-07 Condition Designation M50. In layman’s terms, we tested the bollard‘s performance when met with a 6,800 kg truck travelling at 80 km/h.

We helped Bully Boy develop, design and test their high containment, security rated Bully Boy Bollard System. During this project, we found a range of improvements that would increase the robustness and reliability of the bollard. Gains could be made and costs reduced from assembly and manufacturing, to installation and operation.

Bully Boy agreed with our suggestions and engaged us to redesign the system. The newly designed system was put through the ASTM testing and met all required demands. The project was a resounding success with a more robust, reliable and refined design with greater market appeal at reduced cost.

Bully Boy Ltd was one very happy customer.

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