Dynamic Impact Test Facility

Dynamic Impact Test Facility

At Holmes Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a strong return on investment. We are passionate about solving technical challenges and delivering savings.  Client satisfaction is a key motivator for our entire team. We strive to remain agile whilst maintaining a strong depth of knowledge across the multidisciplinary areas in which we operate. This allows us to confidently tackle projects of varying sizes and complexity.

Dynamic Impact Test Facility

With a unique set of skills under one roof, our in-house team of mechanical and structural engineers work in synergy with our ISO 17025 accredited test facilities to help our clients engineer smarter products. By providing tailored programs from Research and Development through to Compliance, we can help you gain competitive advantage and commercial success.

Our services form a comprehensive value package, including:

  • Research and product development 
  • Compliance testing
  • Product approval


Our ISO 17025 accredited test facilities enable us to effectively evaluate your systems. We develop programmes to provide data in accordance with the international standards you require. Programmes may include a combination of full-scale testing, medium scale testing and engineering analysis. Authorities around the world use the output data as a key factor for deciding whether to approve your products for use in their respective regions.

Our ISO 17025 laboratory is accredited to undertake testing to various international standards including:

  • MASH and NCHRP 350
  • EN 1317 
  • EN 12767
  • ASTM 2656 and PAS 68/(IWA 14-1)

As the only approved southern hemisphere testing laboratory of Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) in the United States of America and recognition by numerous Notified Bodies in Europe for CE Marking, our test results are used for product approvals around the globe.  

We are proud to have published in excess of 500 research reports on tested systems and have achieved a 100% success rate with obtaining Letters of Approval. Systems we have tested are now commonly used throughout New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and the United States of America.

Our geographical location provides you with the unique opportunity to test your systems all-year-round and away from prying eyes.

Our experience...

We have completed successful testing programmes on a range of hardware, including;

  • Wire rope longitudinal barriers
  • Wire rope terminal ends
  • Rigid and semi-rigid longitudinal barriers
  • Gating and non-gating terminal ends/crash cushions
  • Temporary plastic, concrete and steel longitudinal barriers
  • Temporary plastic terminal ends
  • Temporary and permanent sign support structures
  • Breakaway utility poles
  • Pole protection systems
  • Security products (including bollards, security gates and fences)
  • Anti-terrorist devices
  • Rock fall protection systems

For specific case studies, please see the 'related projects' section below.

And, in the name of science...

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For more information regarding Impact Test Programmes, please contact Ben Poulter on +64 27 522 3691 or email him on BenP@holmessolutions.com.