Head Rush Technologies ZipSTOP

Head Rush Technologies ZipSTOP

ZipSTOP™ is the world’s number 1 zip-line brake. Developed in partnership with Head Rush Technologies the ZipSTOP™ has increased safety for participants in zip-lining globally, while lowering maintenance and servicing costs for operators. Designed and tested at our laboratory in New Zealand the ZipSTOP™ is a proven performer and has allowed Head Rush to dominate the international market.

Head Rush Technologies ZipSTOP

After revolutionising the rock climbing industry through the introduction of the TruBlue™, Head Rush were looking to diversify their product offering. Recreational zip-lining was gaining in popularity and Head Rush wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. A partnership with Holmes Solutions led to the ZipSTOP™: a zip-line brake that catches a passenger travelling at high speed and safely brings them to a stop, regardless of their size and weight.

Our patented eddy current braking technology was modified and adapted to meet Head Rush’s requirements and the needs of zip-line operators. Through modification of the technology the team produced a brake that was unrivalled with respect to increasing user participation while lowering maintenance and servicing costs. The results speak for themselves with the ZipSTOP™ now the world’s number 1 commercial zip-line brake.

“I would like to highly recommend Holmes Solutions to any firm contemplating a complex and technical design/engineering project. Holmes Solutions possesses many unique attributes that lend towards success in a complex product development effort.” - John McGowan, President, Head Rush Technologies.


If you would like more information regarding our eddy current technology, please contact us on +64 3 363 2180 or email Info@holmessolutions.com.

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